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Glorious, stable tunings are our goal at every appointment, but we always go beyond to provide education, basic maintenance, and/or small pitch adjustments as needed.

Touch and Tone

At The CT Piano Co., we're passionate about full piano service. The touch-response and tone of your piano are a major part of the way that you experience it, and we always provide recommendations to help you enjoy your piano more.

Concert Service

We provide complete concert service including pre-rehearsal tuning and piano prep, post-rehearsal touch-up, and standby service. Concert instruments under our care also get annual full-day maintenance.

Inspections and Appraisals

We've developed one of the most thorough, informative inspection processes available anywhere. Have confidence in the instrument you are buying!

Design and Rebuilding

Whether you want to restore the former glory of a vintage instrument or hot-rod your piano with a state-of-the-art action, we have the modeling tools and software to deliver predictable, high-end results.

Moving and Storage

We have the tools and experience to move your piano safely, within your home or across the country. Fill out our easy online form to get a quote.

Our #1 priority is to support and encourage pianists at all stages of development.

If you’re in the market to buy a piano, please let us help.  We offer free phone advice on piano purchases as a service to the public in our area.  Are you looking for a piano teacher?  We can help with that, too!  We want you to love your piano and to be benefited by its presence in your life.

We’re passionate about full piano service.

You probably understand that your piano needs regular tuning, but do you know that there are two other areas of routine piano service?  “Regulation” and “Voicing”, as they are known, concern the optimization of your piano’s touch-response and tone, respectively.  The condition of your piano’s regulation and voicing contributes profoundly to the way that you experience your piano.  Schedule a full service tuning to experience the difference!

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Thank you for choosing The Connecticut Piano Company.  We offer complete piano services including tuning, repairs, regulating, voicing, inspections, appraisals, design services, rebuilding, digital player piano systems, moving, and more.  We have opened our weekday afternoon and Saturday morning time slots for online scheduling.  If you need a different time slot, please contact us:

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Your Resource for Total Piano Care

The Connecticut Piano Company, based in Manchester, CT, is dedicated to providing quality piano tuning, repair, and other services to help your instrument realize its full potential.  This website is designed to be a complete resource for piano owners, and we hope that you will take a little time to explore.

Our work is 100% guaranteed!

We rely on quality work and client referrals to grow our business.  Read our reviews on Google and Facebook.

Piano Tuning

At The CT Piano Co., we always do more than just tune your piano. The tone and touch-response of your piano are major factors in the way that you experience it. Find out how much you can love your piano by scheduling a Full Service Tuning.

Full Service Tuning


  • Inspection
  • 1 h Prioritized Regulation/Voicing
  • Small Pitch Adjustment
  • Fine Tuning
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Standard Tuning


  • Inspection
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Small Pitch Adjustment
  • Fine Tuning
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What Our Clients Are Saying

We have more than 20 reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

John Coghill

Sacred Heart Church, Bloomfield

"The piano sounds magnificent. So many people have commented on its tone. Many of those folks have never said one word about the music in church!"

Bonnie Sand

Long Distance Piano Buyer

"Ben Rocke, RPT, MPT did a very thorough evaluation of a 1904 Steinway I was interested in purchasing in Connecticut while I live three thousand miles away. This was not my first time buying a piano from a seller across the country, but it was the first time I felt I knew what I was getting into. He not only looked over every inch, he also took 62 high quality photos that allowed me to look at as I read his report. I had a very clear picture of the instrument and its capabilities after his evaluation. Buying things far away can be chancy, but with Bens evaluation I felt secure in what I contemplated buying. He was prompt, knowledgeable, courteous and conscientious beyond my expectations. I would absolutely hire him for this kind of evaluation and any issue with a piano in the future." -On Google

James Saccoccio

Bach Enthusiast

"Very satisfied with the service provided by Ben. He tuned my recently purchased second-hand piano and also worked on the action to improve my playing experience. He certainly knows his stuff. He does a great job diagnosing different problems and explaining the different courses of action to fix those problems, and I'm looking forward to future service from the CT piano co." -On Google

Mark Focarile

B.S. in Music Education, Focus on Piano

"The action on my Kawai Digital Piano Controller needed to be lightened, and since it has wooden keys, I needed to find someone who had experience working with acoustic pianos, but would also be open to working on digital equipment. Ben did a fantastic job going over the keyboard and finding out which option would work best for me at a very fair price.
This was not a job I could go to a normal keyboard/synth tech for, so I appreciate the time that Ben took working on the piano. I would definitely recommend his services!" -On Facebook

Alicia Haffner

Amatuer Pianist

"I've been using The Connecticut Piano Company for years and have always been impressed with Ben's punctuality, professionalism and knowledge of pianos. He even took extra time to talk with my kids who were interested in what he was doing during our piano tuning. I highly recommend The Connecticut Piano Company!" -On Google

Meet our team

Bringing expertise and integrity to every job.
Ben Rocke, RPT, MPT

Ben Rocke, RPT, MPT

Owner/Lead Technician

Registered Piano Technician member of the Piano Technician's Guild, craftsman, piano tone nerd, passionate about helping people love their pianos.

Amber Rocke

Amber Rocke

Administrative Lead

Mother, Etsy queen


Piano Tuning

Physics at Work

The way that we hear sound is a function of amazingly complex physical phenomena.  There are books covering this subject, so these paragraphs are necessarily lacking details.  I will briefly describe two irreconcilable conflicts that Read more…

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